Julie Reid, your host, will take care of all your needs as a guest of Somerset.


With four decades experience in the hospitality business, Julie has learned that what she enjoys the most is making sure guests are happy.


Whether it's your first stay at Somerset or the first of many, your  needs always come first with Julie!



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Somerset is situated on the original site of the Queen’s Royal Hotel. The original hotel, built in 1868, was known as one of the best hotels in North America. It was frequented by wealthy tourists from Canada, the United States and abroad, and was the site for many social gatherings. The Queen’s Royal Hotel was demolished in 1930 when tourism to the area declined. At that time, the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake purchased the property and turned it into a park. In 1988 this site was purchased by the then-owners of the Prince of Wales Hotel. They built Somerset to host their top guests. After selling the Prince of Wales in 2000, the house has become the breathakingly beautiful bed and breakfast you see today.


111 Front St,


Ontario, Canada